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Jaguars release statement on Ebola sign

On Sunday the Jaguars mascot made a joke about the Steelers "Terrible Towels" with ebola as the punch line and a lot of people got upset.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday Jacksonville Jaguars mascot rode around on his Segway with signs mocking Pittsburgh Steelers fans, as he does every Sunday for Jaguars home games to every fan base, but his joke about the Steelers infamous "Terrible Towel" wasn't taken lightly by a lot of people around the country and internally.

Ebola is a recent matter of topic in the United States because of some of the exposure scares and Jaxson DeVille thought he was just making a topical joke on the issue, much like NBC's Saturday Night Live did Saturday evening.

There was a big push back from people deploring the joke, though they had no issues shaming a fully clothed person in a swimming pool, but the push back was enough for the Jacksonville Jaguars to release a public statement on the matter to the media.

The statement reads as follows:

"Improvisation and humor have both been key elements to the character of Jaxson DeVille, especially when he performs at home games," Jaguars President Mark Lamping said. "On Sunday, the person who has played Jaxson DeVille over the past 20 seasons made an extremely poor decision in that regard. The team was unaware of this inappropriate sign, which was hand-made by Jaxson during the fourth quarter of yesterday's game, until after it had been displayed. We are handling the matter internally and taking it very seriously. We extend our sincerest apologies to anyone who was offended."

Personally, I don't get why there is such a blow back on the joke, but maybe I'm just a terrible person.