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Should Storm Johnson be more involved in Jaguars offense?

Jaguars rookie running back Storm Johnson provided a spark on Sunday for the offense. Should he play more?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been one of the worst teams in the NFL rushing the football so far in the 2014 season. It's been a combination of issues from quarterback play and team's not respecting the pass to offensive line play to running backs just missing running lanes. On Sunday, rookie running back Storm Johnson saw his first game action and immediately had an impact with the Jaguars longest rush of the season in the third quarter.

It wasn't a real complicated play and that's part of the beauty of it. Johnson ended the day with just four carries for 27 yards, which isn't including a nice nine-yard run called back by a penalty. With the struggles of the running game, Johnson seems like someone who should and likely will see more snaps on offense, especially if he continues to produce like he did against the Steelers.

On the play above, as mentioned it's not real complicated. It's a classic counter run with an odd look that has tight end Clay Harbor peeling back to lead block for Johnson and pick up the free rusher on the edge if necessary. Johnson makes one cut and shoots through the gaping hole created on the play and picks of a massive gain.


That's what the Jaguars need in the running game right now.