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Jaguars vs. Steelers: Who stood out?

A look at the top performers in the Jaguar's 17-9 loss to the Steelers.

Sam Greenwood


The Offensive Line

For pretty much the first time this season the offensive line played very well as a unit. We've seen good performances from individual players but against the Steelers the entire O-Line was solid. In pass protection they were nearly perfect, giving up only one sack early in the game and not too much pressure outside of it. The O-Line also seemed to pick it up in the run game. While the Jaguars still only rushed for 56 yards, there were fewer missed blocks and more big plays. The only mistakes were a few holding penalties on what would have been big plays and two botched snaps between Blake Bortles and Luke Bowanko, something that isn't a huge concern considering they are both rookies in their second start together. Next week's opponent, the Titans, have only one sack in their past three games and are toward the bottom of the league in rushing yards allowed, so the O-Line should be able to build off this great performance.

Allen Robinson

So far this season Robinson appears to be the Jaguar's most consistent receiver. While Allen Hurns has more of a penchant for the big plays, Robinson has steady hands and a demeanor about the way he plays that I believe points to him being an eventual number one receiver. He is able to both catch and run on the short passes and stretch a defense out in the intermediate to long range. Blake Bortles seems to be developing more and more chemistry with Robinson (and the receiving corps as a whole) which is a good sign for the future of our offense.

Storm Johnson

While Storm didn't necessarily have a stat line that stood out, 4 carries for 27 yards, it was what he displayed in those four carries that gives us a lot to be excited about. He had a few big plays, even if one was called back for holding, and he showed us that the offensive line might be better at run blocking than originally thought, it's just the backs that need to find the holes. We've seen it a few times with Denard Robinson breaking out for big plays, but Storm's runs gave us more to be excited about in my opinion. While we only saw him carry the ball five times, he appears to be a patient runner who will find a hole and then hit it hard. The Jaguar's running back situation seems to be a full on committee at this point so hopefully we can see more of him against the Titans.


Demetrius McCray

With an injury to Dwayne Gratz last week against the Chargers, Demetrius McCray had to fill in at cornerback and did a very good job at it. He was targeted six times and only allowed 3 completions for 32 yards, including breaking up a potential touchdown late in the second quarter. McCray didn't factor into the run game as much as Gratz would, his only tackles came on completions, but he was arguably better in pass coverage than Gratz has been this season. At this point it appears that Gratz will be out for another game to recovery from his concussion so McCray should get the start in his place after how well he performed this week.

Abry Jones

Jones isn't particularly known for rushing the passer, it isn't really his focus to do so, but this week he led the Jaguars with two sacks, including one where he forced a fumble when Pittsburgh was in the red zone. On both sacks he didn't do anything special, just bull rushed the center and pushed him all the way back to the quarterback and then made a play. At this point it's hard to tell if Jones will continue to excel at collapsing the pocket since it was only on a few plays, but if he can start to do it on a semi-regular basis it will tremendously improve the Jaguar's pass rush. Outside of the two sacks he did a good job of clogging the point of attack and keeping the O-Line from getting push. Gus Bradley's run defense centers around defensive tackles eating up space for the linebackers to make a play so Jones is fitting in well.