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Which Titans player should Jacksonville Jaguars fans want?

The Jaguars are visiting Nashville for its Week 6 matchup against the Titans. If Jacksonville could take one player off Tennessee's roster for the rest of his career, who would it be?

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In the span of just one week, the Jacksonville Jaguars defense seems to have turned itself around and got back to last year's "bend-but-don't-break" theme, allowing just 10 points against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Besides, even if the Jaguars defense wasn't giving me any hope right now, the Titans defense isn't much better.

That leaves the offense. Offensive line is the Titans strength, but the Jaguars line is getting better every week, and Storm Johnson's addition leaves me a little more encouraged in the running game. That leaves the passing game. Again.

Which Titans player should Jaguars fans want right now?

The Jaguars wide receivers have potential, but they'e going through some serious growing pains. After flashing early, Allen Hurns has been plagued by drops. Marqise Lee seems to have caught whatever has infected Cecil Shorts' hamstring. Ace Sanders is still shaking off the rush from a four-game suspension to open the season. Allen Robinson, while a great route-runner, can't do it all by himself.

To improve the passing game, I'm going to take Kendall Wright and marvel at what he does with a real quarterback.

A first-round pick in 2012 out of Baylor, Wright was a thought to be drafted to the Jaguars ahead of Justin Blackmon. He's been the most consistent threat at receiver for the Titans in the last two years, but has struggled this season, mainly due to the fact that his quarterbacks have been Jake Locker and Charlie Whitehurst.

Let's grab Wright and pretend we drafted him in 2012, okay?

I picked Wright to complement our receiving corps. Who would you take off the Titans? Let us know in the comments below!