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Jaguars OC Jedd Fisch wants two running backs getting carries

During a Wednesday press conference, offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said he doesn't like four running backs carries, saying he'd like to have two backs carrying the load.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch believes the running game's addition will come through subtraction.

According to Hays Carlyon of the Florida Times-Union, Fisch said in a Wednesday press conference that he'd like to see two running backs getting carries during games.

"I think two would be great," Fisch said. "I think four becomes tricky where we’re at right now. It just becomes a little tricky because sometimes you’re calling a run and a different back is in and there are certain things that certain guys can do better than other guys."

Aside from how the idea sounds, I don't even think this is possible with the stable of running backs the Jaguars currently have. Toby Gerhart is underwhelming, Jordan Todman is a kick returner forced into action, Denard Robinson is still learning, and Storm Johnson has had four career carries.

In my opinion, this is a team that needs at least three running backs getting carries. Not because I believe Gerhart is imperative to the running game's success, but because Robinson and Johnson haven't shown enough to prove they alone can carry the load.

In addition to finding the solution this year, the development of Robinson and Johnson have long-term implications next offseason.

Do I want to see Robinson and Johnson carry the load? Absolutely. Their development this year is directly tied to how many resources we spend improving the group next year. Do I expect them to do it? Not any time soon.