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Which Jaguars legend would you add to the 2014 roster?

If you could take one player from Jaguars history and put them on this roster, who would it be?

Since 1995, the Jaguars have had some legendary players don the teal and black. Tony Boselli, Fred Taylor, Tony Brackens, and more were at one time or another were considered among the best at their position when they played.

But if I'm taking one player from Jaguars past and putting them on this year's team, I'm taking arguably the best Jaguars player of all time: Jimmy Smith.

A former second-round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys, Smith never found his footing until the Jaguars signed him to their expansion team in 1995. There, he steadily increased his production until he became not just the best receiver on the team but one of the best in the game in the late 90's.

While having Smith on the field might not put the Jaguars in the playoffs this year, what rookie quarterback wouldn't want a two-time All-Pro receiver to throw to?

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