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Jaguars pass on Ben Tate

The Jaguars have decided to pass on running back Ben Tate, who was waived by the Cleveland Browns on Tuesday.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have passed on making a claim for running back Ben Tate off the waiver, with ESPN's Field Yates reporting that the Minnesota Vikings have signed him.

Tate was recently waived by the Cleveland Browns after a disappointing start to the season and voicing his dislike for the lack of reps he was getting in contrast with two rookie running backs.

It was thought by some that the Jaguars might make a run at Tate. The Jaguars pursued Tate in free agency and he was a productive backup for the Houston Texans behind Arian Foster. And with the No. 2 spot in the waiver order, they certainly had their chance.

With the Browns, Tate was only able to pick up 333 yards on 106 carries with four touchdowns, but also missed games due to injury and the Browns struggled to really run the ball consistently once center Alex Mack went down.

What do you think? Could the Jaguars have used Tate to complement their stable of running backs, or would the journeyman running back have been more trouble than he was worth?