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Who are the key building blocks on the Jaguars?

Who are some of the young building blocks on the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

So I'm sitting here listening to Jaguars Today on 1010XL, where Mike Dempsey and Mark Long were discussing who the three key building blocks on the Jacksonville Jaguars were, sans Blake Bortles. I think it's a good question to think about, especially since so many people seem up on the Jaguars young talent.

For me, one of the main ones is wide receiver Allen Robinson. He's on injured reserve now because of the foot injury, but he was becoming the Jaguars go-to receiver and he can do a little bit of everything. Robinson was starting to get comfortable and making plays down the field. I think he'll only get better and can be a complete wide receiver.

Another on the offensive line would be Brandon Linder. Linder was a pick that a lot of people criticized after the draft because the Jaguars traded up for him and he wasn't highly touted. Linder quickly played himself into the starting lineup and is arguably the Jaguars best player on the offensive line.

While a lot of people would pick Denard Robinson, and I wouldn't necessarily disagree, but I wanted to pick a defensive player so I'm going to go with Telvin Smith. Smith has been up and down this season, but when he's "up" he shows signs of being a dominant weakside linebacker.

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