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Dwayne Gratz apologies to teammates, doesn't discuss what gum he used

The Jaguars corner apologized for his actions over the weekend, but wouldn't discuss what kind of gum he had.

John Konstantaras/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Dwayne Gratz was arrested late Sunday evening/early Monday morning for public intoxication and trespassing while in Miami during the bye week. According to the police report, Gratz attempted to purchase items with bubble gum because he didn't have money on his person.

Gratz returned to the team on Tuesday, practiced Wednesday and met with the media to apologize for his actions.

"First off, I want to apologize to my family, my friends, this organization, especially my teammates since I know it was wrong but we are human and we make mistakes," Gratz told the media on Wednesday. "I’ve just got to become a better man from this and move on. I had a discussion with Gus and it went well. We’re going to handle everything in house, but once again I am terribly sorry for what I did. I am human and I’ve got to learn from it and become a better man."

As I mentioned when the story broke, this doesn't seem like that big of an issue and I'd be surprised if Gratz was inactive in Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts. Gratz indicated that he's planning to play and so far hasn't gotten any indication from the coaching staff otherwise.

Gratz declined to comment on if the gum portion of the report was true.