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Who is the Jaguars 'unsung hero' so far this season?

Who's someone on the Jaguars this season that deserves praise and doesn't really get it too often?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy to get praise when you're someone like Denard Robinson, because everyone can see those long touchdown runs and check out the box score. He gets points for your fantasy football team. But what about the unsung heros of the game? Those guys in the trenches that enable Robinson to do what he does?

For me the unsung hero this season is rookie right guard Brandon Linder, because he's arguably playing at a Pro Bowl level but no one outside of Jacksonville really knows who he is. We've talked about him before and put the spotlight on him, but it became very clear in the last game against the Dallas Cowboys that Linder being out of the lineup was an issue.

He's set to return on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, a team who's been soft against the run, so getting back their best offensive lineman can only help the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Who's your unsung hero?

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