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Jaguars vs. Colts results: What the hell was that?

Sunday was the first time I've been legitimately upset with the Jaguars this season.

I haven't really been upset with any of the Jacksonville Jaguars losses this season and I don't really care what the win/loss record ends up being. I understand the process that's going on and expected absolutely nothing from this season. In a vacuum you can see players and things getting better and I still firmly believe this team is better than last season's team, but what happened on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts is unacceptable.

Those who follow me on Twitter and read Big Cat Country on a regular basis know I've defended Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and I still don't think he should be fired, but if something like Sunday happens again I'll probably change my tune.

For lack of a better term, Sunday was shit.

I don't know if that's the offensive game plan they came up with during the bye week or if they went into "turtle" mode once Blake Bortles threw an interception on his first pass, but whatever it was it was awful. Sure, the Colts are soft against the run. Sure, your defense was holding their offense.

But that's exactly why what happened Sunday was so nonsensical. It was straight out of the Jack Del Rio era playbook. Run the ball and keep the other offense off the field, which very rarely works and usually ends up in a gut wrenching loss.

Bortles wasn't very good on Sunday and he's been on a bit of a slide. He's looked like a rookie who is struggling, but on Sunday they didn't help out their rookie struggling. The Jaguars handcuffed their rookie quarterback and then when they did let him throw the ball, they put him in high failure situations. It wasn't literally run-run-pass, but having just 12 pass attempts late in the third quarter is ridiculous.

You're 1-10, stop playing like you're trying to hold a three-point lead to get into the playoffs.

I understand if you don't quite trust Bortles because of the interceptions, that's fine. There has to be a better way to work in the passing game rather than completely avoiding it, though. I'm not even saying start bombing down the field, but man... something. Do something.