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Jaguars vs. Giants: 5 questions with Big Blue View leading up to Week 13

We asked Ed Valentine of Big Blue View five questions about the Jaguars matchup against the Giants this Sunday. Here's his answers.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. What do the next few years look like at the quarterback position with Eli Manning? I know he's inconsistent at times, but do you think the Giants re-sign him when his contract is up in 2015, or will they start to look for his successor soon?

Manning has, with the exception of the one five-interception game, played very well this season. I suspect the Giants extend his contract after this season, but there is no guarantee. If the Giants decide after this year or next that they want to blow everything up and start over, it might not make sense to do that with Eli. I think he's going to be the Giants quarterback for the next 4-5 years, but that's not a lock.

2. How does the Giants offense change when Rashad Jennings is in the game versus Andre Williams?

Jennings is a veteran and a complete back. He can run, catch passes, execute the screen game and handle pass protection. Williams is a young, developing power runner. He doesn't have Jennings' versatility.

3. The Colts were able to harass Blake Bortles last week and it led to some bad decisions. Do you think the Giants can do the same on Sunday?

I wish I knew. The Giants' pass rush hasn't been that good, and they don't blitz very often or very well. I'm sure they will want to harass Bortles. Whether they can or not, who knows.

4. If you were Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, how would you attack the Giants defense?

Well, right now there is NOTHING that the Giants defense does well. So, it's an open book. If you want to run the ball just find Mathias Kiwanuka and run the ball to his side. Easy pickings. Three of the Giants top four corners are on IR. The linebackers aren't good in pass coverage. So, like I said, it's an open book. Stay away from Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is probably the best idea.

5. What's your prediction for the game? Vegas has the Giants only favored by two points. Will it be that close, or will the Jaguars suffer another loss at home?

I can't predict the Giants. They should win. They are 3-0 vs. teams with losing records, 0-8 vs. teams with winning records. If they haven't packed it in and they play hard, they will win. We'll see. I think they'll play hard -- they almost always do. They just don't play very well, especially on defense.