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Denard Robinson continues to prove he's an NFL running back

While the Jaguars lost again in gut wrenching fashion, but former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is blossoming into an NFL running back.

John Grieshop

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Denard Robinson was trying to put together his third straight 100-yard rushing game in the NFL, falling just six yards shy. He once again however, provided the Jaguars offense with a steady running attack and some explosive plays.

Late in the first quarter Robinson burst through the line on a 38-yard gain that looked like he was close to taking it all the way to the endzone. Robinson had a few more runs over 10 yards, including one that would have gone for more yards had he not lost his footing trying to make a cut and he once again found the endzone.

Robinson ended the day with over 100 yards total offense, but it's nice to see a player than many wrote off based on his rookie season finally emerging as a playmaker on the offense. Robinson has 423 rushing yards on the season, averaging 5.0 yards per carry. He needs just 577 yards the rest of the way to be the Jaguars first 1,000 rusher in quite some time.

If the offensive line can continue to play like they have the past few weeks, it's entirely possible he could hit that mark. Denard just needs to average 82 yards per game over the final seven games of the season.