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NFL power rankings Week 10: Next-to-last ain't last

We're not the Raiders. Again.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, we'll take a look at the power rankings to see where the Jacksonville Jaguars check in on these all-important objective rankings.

Last week, after a disappointing loss to the Miami Dolphins (where, honestly, Jacksonville was the better team), the Jaguars stayed put at No. 31. They lost again to the Cincinnati Bengals, but luckily the Oakland Raiders also lost, stayed winless, and helped the Jaguars keep their seat at next-to-last place.

This Sunday, the Jaguars travel to London to face the Dallas Cowboys in a "home" game at Wembley Stadium. Even with Tony Romo a day-to-day decision to play, the Cowboys running game is the best in the league. The Jaguars have a stout run defense, and Denard Robinson should be primed for another 100-yard day, but it'll be tough to pick the Jaguars to win this one.

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