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Jaguars vs. Cowboys: Five questions with Blogging The Boys

We asked David Halprin of Blogging The Boys five questions ahead of the Jaguars matchup against the Cowboys in London. Here are his answers.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

1. Let's just get this one out of the way: Knowing what you know about Tony Romo's back injury, should he be playing on Sunday?

From what I understand, the fractured transverse processes are not structural bones and they are unlikely to be injured any further by him continuing to play. Mainly they will make it a little uncomfortable and painful for him, but there really is't any risk of anything long-term coming out of this particular injury. So as long as he can handle the pain and is able to move around and function at the level he needs to, there is no reason for him not to play.

2. A lot of people clown on Brandon Weeden, but what are his strengths? What can he do well, and how could he possibly exploit the Jaguars defense?

I doubt he's going to play, but his strengths are his arm, it's very strong so he can make all the throws. But his decision-making was not every good in the last game, he locked in on targets early and then his accuracy was pretty bad. He's not very mobile so he's not going to help you with his legs. So mainly if he can get his accuracy down, his arm would allow him to make throws and fit balls into tight spaces, but it failed him last Sunday.

3. Denard Robinson is looking like he's a feature back in the NFL. How does the Cowboys run defense match up against a quick guy like Robinson, who isn't afraid to go inside?

The Cowboys will give up yards on the ground, teams have managed to run on them this year. What they have done is limited huge plays out of the running game and they do a good job of limiting the damage. So any back against the Cowboys is likely to accumulate yards over the course of a game. The key for Dallas is shutting it down int he red zone and limiting teams to field goals, something they have had some problems with lately.

4. Is Dez Bryant gonna have his way with our secondary?

As long as Tony Romo plays, I expect a big game out of Dez. He's had a frustrating few weeks and he is juiced up to get back to his old self. When Romo is playing, Bryant is a big part of the plan, they are very good at the back-shoulder throw and Dez will go up and fight for the ball in the air. As long as Romo is there, he should have a big game.

5. How do you feel like this game is going to go? Will the Cowboys dominate, can the Jaguars sneak out a win?

It really comes down to Romo. If he plays and is able to play like he normally does, the Cowboys should have too much firepower on offense and they should be able to get back to running the ball. Teams can't stack the box so much if they have to fear Romo in the passing game. Dallas just needs to make sure not to turn the ball over, something they do occasionally, and not shoot themselves in the foot with penalties and drops and such, and they should be able to walk out with a victory.