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Jaguars vs. Cowboys: Head-to-head records, scores, stats, and more

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Sunday will be only the sixth time the Jaguars and Cowboys have ever met each other in a regular season game, and the Jaguars lead the series 3-2 right now. Let's take a look at the head-to-head records and historical matchups.

Ronald Martinez

Sunday's matchup will be the sixth meeting between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Dallas Cowboys. Below are the head-to-head records, provided by The Football Database.

Date Home Team Away Team Result
10/31/2010 Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars W 35-17
9/10/2006 Jacksonville Jaguars Dallas Cowboys W 24-17
11/24/2002 Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars L 21-19
10/29/2000 Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars W 23-17
10/19/1997 Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars L 26-22

The Cowboys are the only NFC East team the Jaguars currently have a winning record against.

Jacksonville has only hosted Dallas once in their history, the only NFL team they've only hosted once so far.