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What role will the Jaguars play in the second half?

The Jaguars won't be making the playoffs in 2014, but there is still a role for them to play.

Usually through the mid point of the NFL season you can figure out what a team's role on the season is, be it a contender, a hunter, or the infamous spoiler. Right now, it's easy to see what the role of the Jacksonville Jaguars is after the first eight games.

They're a spoiler.

The Jaguars can start being a big-time spoiler on Sunday in London when they take on the Dallas Cowboys, who are now chasing the Philadelphia Eagles in the AFC East and have lost two games in a row. The Jaguars can push that loss streak to three games in a row and then be spoilers for some other teams down the road.

Maybe the Houston Texans are trying to get to 8-8, but the Jaguars spoil that. And so on.

Is there any other role the Jaguars can play this season?

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