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Jaguars vs. Giants: Breaking down Bortles' final drive

Blake Bortles played his best game as a pro on Sunday against the Giants, and the final drive that set up the game-winning field goal was a thing of beauty.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars earned their second win of the season on Sunday against the New York Giants with a last-minute field goal from Josh Scobee. But it was Blake Bortles who led an 11-play, 55-yard drive in just 2:54 to set up the game-winning points.

Bortles' execution was fantastic in the final few minutes, with on-target timing passes, smart throwaways, and quick feet on quarterback keepers. Let's break down how he brought the Jaguars from their 20-yard line to range for the game-winning field goal.

Play #1: Jordan Todman down the right sideline

This play was similar to a play the Jaguars ran in their 16-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch clearly favors Jordan Todman in pass-first, hurry up packages, and he likes getting him involved in the deep passing game.

This looks like it's designed to go to Todman from the get-go, but Bortles sees Giants cornerback Will Bowman with good coverage and safety Quintin Demps sliding over to help, and wisely throws it out of bounds. It's Bortles' only incompletion of the drive.

Play #2: Bortles-to-Lee slant

This is a beautifully thrown ball between cornerback Will Bowman and linebacker Spencer Paysinger to Lee, who catches it in stride and goes 22 yards.

But more than that, it's on second-and-15. If the timing is off, the Jaguars are facing third-and-long.

Play #3: Quick screen pass to Lee

This has become a staple for Lee in the Jaguars offense, and it's a fine change-of-pace play on first down in the hurry up. However, if someone had marked Giants safety Antrel Rolle, Lee could have gone for more yards and possibly avoided the injury he sustained on this play.

Play #4: Hitch route for Cecil

This is a good job by Cecil Shorts III to know where the first down marker is and stop his route just a yard past it. But more than that, this is a great play design.

Running back Jordan Todman runs a wheel route to the left flat to draw out linebacker Spencer Paysinger and delay cornerback Chykie Brown from getting there in time. The result is a six-yard completion, a first down, and another third down attempt avoided.

Play #5: Bortles' first read-option run

I love this play call for the same reason I love steak: beauty in simplicity.

First, Fisch has been setting this up all drive with quick timing passes all over the field. The Giants defense isn't just thinking pass, they're thinking quick pass which keeps them on their toes all the more. Second, he limits how many defenders will be in Bortles' path by isolating Shorts on the left sideline and telling him to run a go route. Third, Bortles and Todman sell the draw beautifully. Look at how hard Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (No. 90) bites on it.

The result? 11 yards and the Jaguars offense in Giants territory.

Play #6: Marcedes over the middle

This is one of just two catches by tight end Marcedes Lewis, but it's an important one. He runs a hitch route over the middle similar to Shorts just a few plays earlier and provides a big target to Bortles. Now we're in field goal range, albeit long field goal range.

Play #7: Bortles' second read-option run

After a holding penalty by Luke Joeckel negated a run by Todman to the Giants 30-yard line and brought the Jaguars back to near midfield, Bortles does it himself, running 25 yards and getting down just outside of the red zone. Perfect field goal position.

And after a couple of Toby Gerhart "runs" Scobee kicked it through the uprights to put the Jaguars up 25-24 with seconds to go.