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Giants vs. Jaguars results: Gus Bradley deserves some credit

The Jaguars made a historic comeback on Sunday against the Giants and head coach Gus Bradley deserves a lot of the credit.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

On the Jacksonville Jaguars 21st birthday and down 21 points late in the second quarter on what appeared to be just another blowout loss, the Jaguars picked up a field goal and went into halftime 21-3. While hope appeared lost as the team walked into the tunnel to the locker room, Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley did ... something ... at halftime and the Jaguars appeared to be a completely different team and ended up winning the game 25-24.

A lot of teams, especially teams that are 1-10, will crumble down 21-0 and never recover but Gus Bradley wasn't going to let that happen.

One thing you can say about the Jaguars over the past two years is that they don't seem to appear as if they quit in games, even when having their doors blown off. There hasn't been a game that epitomized that more than on Sunday and head coach Gus Bradley deserves some credit for that.

We've seen the Jaguars quit on their coach early in a season (Mike Mularkey) or at the end of a long coaching tenure, but even with the dire circumstances they've faced over the past two seasons under Bradley during this rebuilding process the players continuously seem focused and upbeat.

While you always would rather see a bunch of a wins, that's a nice feather in Gus Bradley's cap.

Whatever Bradley did at halftime that seemed to flip a switch, he should do it more often.