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'Tis the season to pay the Ravens a compliment!

It's the holiday season! Now is as good a time as any to let you know how much we admire the faithful Ravens franchise, and the city of Baltimore, who always put their fans first.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

With the holiday season upon us, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens may be opponents on the field on Sunday, but this is a time for thanksgiving and encouragement.

Our friends at Baltimore Beatdown beat us to the punch, complimenting our "not being in Los Angeles or London yet".

Thank you!

What better time to pay their hard-working and fan-first franchise the warmest of compliments?

The Ravens, led by the example of their honest and dependable owner Art Modell, have a long and storied history of success in the NFL. Previously, you were in Cleveland, but you tried as hard as you could to work with city leaders and the fans, what choice did you have other than leave? You all were practically driven out. It's not like Modell had secret meetings with potential partners and investors in Maryland or announced the move to Baltimore days before the city of Cleveland proposed a plan to fund the stadium improvements Cleveland requested.

But enough about the team. The city of Baltimore is a shining example of what it takes to support an NFL franchise. What happened in Cleveland wouldn't happen to you. You've never had your beloved team taken from you in the middle of the night in Mayflower trucks, all sent on different driving routes so as to not be diverted or seized by Maryland state police on their way to Indianapolis, right?

We, as but humble Jaguars fans, struggle to love our team well, which is why our city "draws more interest for the annual Georgia-Florida college football game" and we compliment the illustration your city has provided us in what means to give back to the most important people in the NFL -- the fans.

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