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Jaguars open as 3-point favorites over Titans

For the first time in the Gus Bradley era, the Jaguars enter a game as favorites to win.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are three-point favorites to beat the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night, the first time the team has been favored since Gus Bradley took over as head coach in 2013.

In fact, the underdog streak dates back 42 consecutive games -- to September 30, 2012, when Mike Mularkey was coaching his fourth game with the team.

According to, there is no fluctuation based on venue in Vegas. The three points is consistent across the board.

But as @E_Dilla pointed out, Vegas usually gives three points to the home team right off the bat, so it might just be the oddsmakers' way of saying, "Y'all figure this out."

The over/under is set at 41, so if Vegas gets it exactly right the Jaguars will win 22-19 on Thursday. For a team that's scored 22 points or more just three times this season, I'm guessing Vegas is counting on a defensive touchdown.