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Jaguars vs. Ravens: Breaking down the most important drive of the game

With 5:13 to play in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars defense gifted Blake Bortles one last realistic shot at winning the game. And almost everything went wrong.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars had one last drive to beat the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

With 5:13 left in the fourth quarter, the defense had once again stopped the Ravens offense. A penalty on the ensuing punt return put the ball squarely at midfield and down just five points, it wasn't out of the question that Blake Bortles could lead another comeback. After all, he'd done it two weeks earlier against the New York Giants.

1st-and-10: Quick pass to Shorts

Great play call. Use Allen Hurns, who has had success on the day against the Ravens secondary, as a decoy to give Cecil Shorts III even more room. He's Bortles' primary target, he's wide open... it's exactly what you want on first down on a game-winning drive.

1st-and-10: Inside draw for Gerhart

I don't hate the play-call, but I don't like it either. Bortles gives it to Toby Gerhart out of the shotgun and he's swallowed up by the six Ravens defenders in the box and our best offensive lineman in Brandon Linder gets injured on the play.

From this angle, I don't know if Gerhart hit the right hole or not. It looks like Linder and right tackle Sam Young have a gap between Elvis Dumervil (No. 58) and Lawrence Guy (No. 67) and that he could have run through there for more yards, but again... the angle isn't the best.

2nd-and-7: One-yard pass to Hurns?

Here's where things get really Jaguars. Was Hurns the right choice for Bortles? It looks like Hurns is the primary receiver on this play as Bortles looks nowhere else, so maybe he forgot where he was on the field. The blocking downfield suggests that in a perfect scenario Hurns was supposed to catch this and run upfield. Instead, he ran out of bounds after a one-yard gain.

3rd-and-6: Football is stupid

This was the worst play call of the season for offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch. It's the most important play of the game and you 1) call a run 2) with Jordan Todman 3) inside the tackles 4) after your best offensive lineman gets hurt 5) leaving you with a backup right guard 6) in his second play of the game.


The running game wasn't abysmal today, but it wasn't their strong suit. Bortles had proven accurate all game, he'd limited mistakes, eliminated turnovers... and a draw to Todman?

4th-and-9: Fade to Cecil

Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union said the Jaguars should have kicked it here and tried for some points. There's only so many 54-yard field goals you're going to get in a game, and I think that's what Fisch was going for with his draw to Todman on the previous play. Get a couple of yards inside, set up a field goal under 50 yards, and get to within two points.

But now it's too long of a try in the coaches' minds, so they opt for a deep ball to Shorts.

Was there interference on the play? A little. But the ball was out of bounds and uncatchable, so it doesn't really matter.