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Blake Bortles injury: Jaguars QB says he'll be ready

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Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has a foot injury, but he says he's going to play on Thursday.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars officially listed starting rookie quarterback Blake Bortles as questionable on Monday, leading some to believe that it's possible that the team could start veteran Chad Henne on Thursday Night Football against the Tennessee Titans. Coming off arguably his best day throwing the football,

Bortles says he sees himself playing against the Titans, though.

"Yeah, I think so, definitely. We have a couple of days to get ready and get back right," Bortles said on Monday. "Yeah, I plan on playing so we'll see."

Bortles said he hurt his foot in the fourth quarter running out of the pocket, but he stayed in the game and didn't to appear to be too effected by the injury.

"It feels okay," Bortles said. "I’ve been in all morning doing rehab and doing all sorts of stuff trying to get back and ready as soon as possible. A couple more days, and hopefully it’ll be fine."

The Jaguars quarterback was in a boot on Sunday following the game, but as it stands all signs point to him being ready to start on Thursday against the Titans.