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2015 NFL Draft Order: Jaguars will pick no higher than 3rd overall

The Jaguars will pick between third and sixth overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft order isn't set in stone yet, but you can begin writing somethings in pen if you want. For instance, the Jacksonville Jaguars will pick no higher than third overall in April. If the Jaguars lose on Sunday against the Houston Texans, they'll pick third overall.

If the Jaguars win however, they cannot pick any lower than sixth overall. It all depends on what happens with the Oakland Raiders and New York Jets this week, but as mentioned the Jaguars will pick between third and sixth this year.

Which, unfortunately, will make it the eighth year in a row the Jaguars will be picking in the Top 10.

I haven't personally watched a lot of the prospects this year because I watched probably the least amount of college football I have in years. I know some players on FSU, Iowa and Florida because that's who I've watched the most of, but I'll be playing catch up to the draft prospects.

I'll say this: Pick a pass rusher.