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Top 14 stories of 2014

We surveyed our most read articles of 2014 and it's an interesting mix. Whether you're revisiting them to troll Alfie (again) or reading them for the first time, enjoy!

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

14. Blake Bortles "took over the room" in Jaguars meeting

In the weeks leading up to the 2014 NFL Draft, the Jaguars revealed that Blake Bortles "took over the room" in their NFL Combine meetings.

13. Why Justin Blackmon's drug suspension will not be overturned

In September, the league and the NFL Players Association agreed to a new drug policy, but it didn't affect suspended wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Alfie Crow explains why not.

12. CBS says Toby Gerhart is a solid fantasy football option

We had such hope.

11. Cecil Shorts reached out to Justin Blackmon

Months after Justin Blackmon's suspension, Cecil Shorts says he still hadn't heard from the receiver and that he'd reached out to him a couple of times.

10. Jaxson DeVille and Mike Florio feud on Twitter

Game, set, match: Jaxson DeVille.

9. 2014 NFL Draft results

We got our franchise quarterback, we added a couple of offensive linemen, and took some risks on high-reward players in the late rounds.

8. UDFA signing live blog

Several undrafted free agents highlighted the post-NFL Draft process, including quarterback Stephen Morris, wide receiver Allen Hurns, and cornerback Rashaad Reynolds.

7. Jaguars on track to lead league in new ticket sales

Good job, Jacksonville.

6. Maurice Jones-Drew: "I felt like I was done wrong."

Jones-Drew telling the media he has a chip on his shoulder after Jaguars released him? Surprise, surprise.

5. Jaguars sign Toby Gerhart

Oh, the hopes we had for former Minnesota Vikings running back Toby Gerhart and former Denver Broncos guard Zane Beadles when we signed them on March 11. Gerhart was underwhelming, but Beadles wasn't bad, and it should be interesting to see how he progresses with another offseason here working with his fellow linemen. We also released Justin Forsett that day, and re-signed cornerback Will Blackmon.

4. Bold City Brigade goes to the NFL Draft

The Jaguars were going to get their franchise quarterback and the Bold City Brigade would be there in New York City to welcome him with open arms. Relive how the Jaguars and Jacksonville International Airport sent the Bold City Brigade off in style.

3. Jaguars make a splash in free agency

This was the biggest day in the Jaguars 2014 free agency campaign, signing Chris Clemons, Ziggy Hood, and hosting Emmanuel Sanders for a visit.

2. "We're going to draft a quarterback. Maybe two."

When Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan uttered those words in the weeks following the regular season finale loss to the Indianapolis Colts, it gave hopes to a fan base starved for a good quarterback.

1. NFL teams that have never won a Super Bowl

Oh, dammit.