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How can the Jaguars attack the Texans in an innovative way?

The Jaguars will need to pull out all the stops to beat the Texans on Sunday. What's a creative, innovative way they can try to win?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are traveling to play the Houston Texans in their Week 17 season finale. With it being the last game of the year, we might see the coaching staff employ some innovative schemes or never-before-seen plays to win on Sunday.

One way in which I think the Jaguars could earn a surprise win against the Texans is actually pretty uncreative, but it would be out-of-the-box for Jacksonville this year. I think we could see them run the ball... a lot.

The Jaguars have just two games this year where they've run the ball more than 25 times: Week 7 against the Cleveland Browns and Week 8 against the Miami Dolphins. What makes it even more surprising is that the Jaguars current feature running back Toby Gerhart only had four carries in those two games combined. He'd have to shoulder the load that Denard Robinson carried in those two games.

What's an innovative way you think the Jaguars could beat the Texans on Sunday?

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