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List of the Jaguars 2015 NFL free agents

The list of Jaguars impending free agents isn't really a who's who of players.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 NFL season has officially come to a close with their 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday. This means the team will begin their efforts of self-evaluation and decide which players on the roster to get rid of and which ones to keep.

The list of impending free agents for the Jaguars doesn't really ring any big name players who you might want to franchise tag, but there are some veteran depth players the team could be interested in bringing back.

Below is a list of the impending free agents, their age and what kind of free agent they are.

Player Age Exp. Status
Geno Hayes 27 6 years UFA
Cecil Shorts 27 3 years UFA
Alan Ball 29 7 years UFA
Jordan Todman 24 3 years RFA
Jacques McClendon 27 3 years ERFA
J.T. Thomas 26 3 years UFA
Austin Pasztor 24 2 years ERFA
Will Ta'ufo'ou 28 3 years RFA
Ryan Davis 25 2 years ERFA
Sherrod Martin 30 5 years UFA
Tommie Campbell 27 4 years UFA
Fendi Onobun 28 3 years UFA
Teddy Williams 26 2 years RFA
Tommy Streeter 25 2 years RFA
Matt Daniels 25 2 years RFA

ERFA = Exclusive Rights Free Agent
RFA = Restricted Free Agent
UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent

Tyson Alualu could also become an unrestricted free agent this season, but he has a player option on his deal he can activate if he chooses to. If Alualu activates the one-year player option, he will count $3.985 million against the cap and $1.54 million in dead money if released.