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What areas need to be sharpened to give the Jaguars an edge?

Consistency by the Jaguars offensive line could give them an edge going forward.

To be GMC Professional Grade you must be precise. The playoffs demand precision, as the talent gap has narrowed considerably. As the last month of regular season winds down, what areas need to be sharpened to give your team an edge?

For the Jacksonville Jaguars, if I had to pick a specific position group, I would say the offensive line in general. They have talent to be good and have shown it in the past, it's just a matter of all the young players getting on the same page and being consistent.

While there were seven sacks allowed on Sunday against the New York Giants, they weren't all on the offensive line. Some were on Blake Bortles, some were on Denard Robinson. Going forward however in the final quarter of the season, in order to be successful the Jaguars really need the offensive line to step up.

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