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Blake Bortles game winning drive something Jaguars offense can build off of

The game winning drive that Blake Bortles put together on Sunday is just one step towards the future.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars needed a drive at the end of the game to beat the New York Giants on Sunday to pick up their second win of the season and rookie quarterback Blake Bortles delivered. He delivered the drive in ways that showed off his skill set, with some timing patterns and some scrambling and picking up yards with his legs.

"I think it’s certainly something to build off of. You need to feel that, kind of all of the different experiences," Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch told reporters on Wednesday. "We talked about the two-minute drive at the end of the half to set you up for a field goal. Of course to have a comeback opportunity like that in a situation that you needed to score."

The Jaguars offense has been a struggle to get first downs over the past few weeks, for a variety of reasons, but on Sunday in the second half it seemed to be able to find some rhythm on a few drives, including the game winning one.

"I think it’s awesome for him to build off of and the way he did it; four for five passing and also using his legs," Fisch added. "I think he gained 30 yards using his legs so that made a big difference for us and also overcoming a penalty. That doesn’t happen often to be able to have a holding penalty where you’re down in there close to field goal range and then we run an outside zone play and get a holding and have to go back to the 45-yard line. It was really good for him."

Those are the types of situations you want to see your rookie quarterback be successful in. You want to see that it's not too big for him and on Sunday it wasn't. As Fisch said, it's definitely something that you can build on going forward.