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Jaguars fan cancels Texans fan's flight, is proud of being an asshole

Just a friendly reminder that you don't have to be an asshole about everything.

Look, I don't like Texans fans either. I hate it when a lot of fans of the other team show up to EverBank Field. I'm sure everyone does, but I do have some respect for groups who travel to away games since you know... Bold City Brigade does that kind of thing and such. Anyway, this is just a reminder that you don't have to be a complete and total dickhead about it.

Note: This person is not a representative of Bold City Brigade.

The tweet I was about to embed has since been deleted, because the person probably figured out that bragging about an act of fraud that likely cost someone hundreds of dollars probably wasn't smart, but the internet doesn't forget.



There's a group of Texans fans called the Traveling Texans on Facebook that some Jaguars fans have been trolling, which is pretty normal banter. One Texans fan put a picture of their boarding pass on the Facebook page, which itself is not smart because things like this can happen. This person, who I do not know nor do I wish to be associated with, decided it would be pretty cool to go ahead and use the information on those boarding passes to cancel these fan's flight.

1. It's not funny.

2. It's a pretty dick move. Sure, trash talk and all that is fine, but costing someone likely hundreds of dollars just because they're a fan of the other team and are traveling to the game is way over the line.

But, I guess he thought it was awesome because he continued to brag about it afterwards.

Reminder: You don't have to be a total asshole about everything. It's football.

UPDATE: This is from the Facebook event of the Traveling Texans. The fans got everything resolved and are on their way, if not currently here!

Good job, Jaguars fans.