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2014 NFL Draft: Jaguars not projected to receive a compensatory pick

The Jaguars are unlikely to receive additional picks for the 2014 NFL Draft, as their additions in the 2013 offseason made up for the losses of Terrance Knighton and Derek Cox.

Sean Gardner

The Jaguars weren't particularly active in free agency during the 2013 offseason, but their lack of departing free agents will likely result in no compensatory selections heading their way in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Jimmy Kempsky of tried his hand at projecting the compensatory picks that will be awarded at the NFL owner meetings at the end of March. In his projections, the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are big winners, but the Jaguars are unsurprisingly slated to receive zero picks.

The NFL awards additional picks to teams that are determined to have suffered "net losses" in free agency during the season prior. While the losses of Terrance Knighton and Derek Cox qualify as ones that would provide the Jaguars with picks, they were cancelled out by the additions of Roy Miller, Geno Hayes, Alan Ball and Sen'Derrick Marks.

The losses of Eben Britton, Rashad Jennings and Daryl Smith could have helped the Jaguars receive a compensatory pick, but players earning low minimum salaries don't count and unrestricted free agents not signed before June 1 are also tossed out of the formula.

The only realistic hope the Jaguars have at receiving a compensatory pick is if the NFL doesn't award enough picks to fill the entire draft order. In that event, the league fills the remaining picks with the teams at the top of the draft order. That means the Jaguars have an outside chance at receiving the Mr. Irrelevant pick, although that chance is slim.

With Maurice Jones-Drew and a handful of other players set to hit free agency in a month, it's possible that the Jaguars could receive compensatory picks for the 2015 NFL Draft, but that will largely depend on the team's activity in free agency during the spring.