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NFL Mock Draft: Quarterback go early and often

The the latest mock draft, Matthew Fairburn has three quarterbacks going in the first three picks of the NFL Draft.

Ronald Martinez

The Jacksonville Jaguars hold the No. 3 overall pick, which currently could be a handful of different players. One of the possibilities for the Jaguars could be a quarterback, but the question is which one?

The the latest NFL Mock Draft from Mocking the Draft, Matthew Fairburn has quarterbacks going in the first three picks. The No. 1 overall pick ends up being Johnny Manziel, but it's not to the Houston Texans. It's to the Cleveland Browns.

So who does he have the Jaguars drafting?

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Teddy Bridgewater, Quarterback, Louisville

The Jaguars luck out here. For whatever reason, Teddy Bridgewater seems to be getting nitpicked, and may not be the lock for the first overall pick we once thought he was. Regardless, if he's on the board for the Jaguars at No. 3, they would be foolish to pass on him. He's head and shoulders above Manziel and Bortles as a passer and still has room to grow. The upside with Bortles and Manziel may get them drafted higher, but the idea that Bridgewater is done improving is off base. He's skilled at sensing and avoiding pressure and throws just about every route in the book with accuracy and anticipation. There's no reason he should fall to No. 3, but it seems like a plausible scenario at this point.

If the draft were to fall like this, I wouldn't be shocked if the Jaguars grabbed Bridgewater as I still feel, based on everything I've been able to gather, he's the No. 1 quarterback on their board. I also wouldn't be shocked if the Jaguars decided to go with Jadeveon Clowney here and boost their pass rush.