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Who is the most underrated player on the Jaguars?

I bet if you asked the casual NFL fan to start naming guys on the Jaguars roster, they'd probably struggle to get to number five. Many of Jacksonville's players aren't well-known outside of Duval, making for a lot of guys whose importance to the team are vastly under-appreciated. But if we had to name the most underrated player on the squad, who would it be?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This one was hard. I initially thought of Sen'Derrick Marks because he quietly put together an incredibly solid season on the interior of a haggard defensive line.

But how quiet a season could he have when he earned a four-year, $22 million extension just days after the season ended. That doesn't sound very underrated to me.

Nope. In my mind, the most underrated player on the Jaguars is Austin Pasztor.

The 6-foot-7, 308-pound mountain of a man was a camp body in the summer. But when Eugene Monroe was traded to Baltimore and Luke Joeckel broke his ankle against the St. Louis Rams in October, the Ontario native found himself starting at right tackle for what would be the final 12 games of the season.

Not only did he fill in well. Pro Football Focus rated him as one of the most highly rated offensive tackles for a stretch of three weeks, allowing just one pressure for every 31.3 drop-backs by Jaguars quarterbacks.

Not only is that nearly twice as good as 2012, when he allowed a pressure every 18.9 drop-backs, but it was during his first three starts of the season at a relatively new position.

If Pasztor continues his growth as a player, and if Joeckel's rehab goes every bit as smoothly as we all hope, we could be looking at two offensive tackles who could anchor the line and who won't even turn 24 until the middle of next season.

Add to all of this a 2013 cap hit of just $480,000, and you've got the most underrated player on the Jaguars.