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NFL franchise tag: Jaguars don't really have any candidates

The window to apply the franchise tag has opened up, but the Jacksonville Jaguars don't really have anyone worth tagging.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The window for NFL teams to use the franchise and transitional tags opened up on Monday, but it would be shocking if the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to use their tag on anyone. The Jaguars impending free agents aren't really worth slapping the franchise tag on.

The best candidate is probably running back Maurice Jones-Drew, but slapping him with the tag would cost the Jaguars $8.2 million guaranteed for a single season. The other impending free agent often discussed is cornerback Will Blackmon, who if tagged would cost over $10 million.

Another candidate, who if this were given serious thought I'd jump off the Modis building, is Chad Henne. Franchising Henne would not only cause an aneurism, but the Jaguars $14.89M in guaranteed dollars.

Long story short -- The Jaguars will not be franchise tagging any of their impending free agents.