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2014 NFL Draft 'deepest and best in 10 years' says Mike Mayock

The 2014 NFL Draft is chalk full of good players according to NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock.


The 2014 NFL Draft is said to be a deep draft overall, which is a good thing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars currently hold 10 picks in the NFL Draft, including five picks in the fourth- and fifth-rounds combined.

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock reinforced the idea it's a deep draft in his conference call with the media on Tuesday.

"From my perspective, this is the deepest and best draft class I've even in probably ten years," Mayock said on the call. "That's been reinforced by most of the general managers and scouts I've talked to throughout the league. I had one GM tell me the other day that having a Top 20 pick this year is very similar to having a Top10 pick last year."

Not only does Mayock believe that there are great players to be had in the Top 20, but that there are starting caliber players to be found in the mid-rounds.

"So I think there's more depth," Mayock added. "I think there are certain positions that are stacked this year and you can get a quality player through three or four rounds."

In part, I believe this is due to the fact that there are so many underclassman in the 2014 NFL Draft, a record number.