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Mike Mayock thinks Jaguars draft QB or pass rusher

Like most analysts and reporters who cover the Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock believes the Jaguars will go quarterback or pass rusher early in the draft.

Andy Lyons

The Jacksonville Jaguars hold the No. 3 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and the general consensus among people who cover the team and fans is that the Jaguars will pick either a quarterback or a pass rusher.

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock shares that sentiment.

"At No. 3, at least control your destiny at least a little bit more than the other teams. And part of that question I think goes to a quarterback," Mayock said on his Tuesday conference call. "So I'm a believer in Jedd Fisch, the offensive coordinator and one of the better young coaches. So if do they fall in love with one of those quarterbacks and is he available at three, that's the first question."

There doesn't appear to be a consensus No. 1 quarterback in this draft class, so as Mayock puts it, it's going to come down to if a team falls in love with one of the quarterbacks or not.

If they don't?

Mayock says look to a pass rusher.

"I think you can take [Luke] Joeckel at left tackle and I liked that kid last year as a potential right tackle. I think their second need after quarterback becomes an edge rusher, and again, at 3, depending on a quarterback situation, it's either their guy isn't there well, [Jadeveon] Clowney or [Khalil] Mack to me make a ton of sense," said Mayock.

Mayock noted earlier in the call that he feels Khalil Mack is a Top 5 player in the draft and he should fit in well in the Jaguars defensive scheme, be it at LEO or at SAM linebacker.

"So I think quarterback, edge, and then I don't know what's going to happen with Justin Blackmon coming off suspension," Mayock said. "At some point I think they have to deal with the wide receiver issues and then some offensive line depth, especially inside. "