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2014 NFL Combine: Schedule and preview for Day 3

The NFL Combine continues on Day 3 with more player arrivals, official measurements and the beginning of player drills starting with the bench press.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The third official day of the 2014 NFL Combine takes place on Friday, with another slew of players arriving for their initial check in and medical exams. It also features the first group of players doing workouts and drills as well as another set of players getting their official measurements as well as getting media interviews out of the way.

Friday combine schedule

Day 1 arrivals (Kickers, specialists, offensive linemen, tight ends)

NFLPA meeting
Psychological testing
Kickers/specialists workout
Bench press
Team interviews

Day 2 arrivals (Quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs)

Medical examinations
Media session
Team interviews

Day 3 arrivals (Defensive linemen, linebackers)

Players arrive
Hospital pre-exam and X-rays
Team interviews