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2014 NFL salary cap could exceed $132 million, per report

The NFL salary cap for the 2014 season has already been projected to increase to $132 million, but now there is a report that it could increase further.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 salary cap was originally projected to be around $126 million and then reportedly was increased to be $132 million. Now, a report from Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk indicates that the salary cap could exceed the $132 million mark for the 2014 season, which would push the cap room for the Jacksonville Jaguars to $56 million plus.

This doesn't really effect the Jaguars all that much in free agency, though Ryan O'Halloran from The Florida Times-Union stated he believed the Jaguars would make one or two signings on the opening day of free agency on local radio Monday afternoon, it could effect some of the potential free agents in the pool.

Just recently the Carolina Panthers restructured some contracts freeing up cap room, giving them plenty of space to franchise tag defensive end Greg Hardy if they so desire. It also adds much needed cap room to a team like the Seattle Seahawks who are looking to re-sign Michael Bennett before he hits the open market.

As mentioned before, the Jaguars still have the second most cap room in the NFL so their overall plans should be unchanged.