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What positions will the Jaguars target in free agency?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have more than $50 million in cap room entering the offseason, so what positions are they going to target?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are slated to have well over $50 million in salary cap space once the 2014 NFL offseason begins. The salary cap total hasn't been set just yet, but it continuously is reportedly increasing by the week as we get closer to the start of free agency.

Not only do they have plenty of money to spend if they wish, but Ryan O'Halloran of The Florida Times-Union noted on the radio earlier in the week he felt that the Jaguars would sign one or two free agents right out of the gate, meaning they'll be targeting some of the upper tier players.

So what positions should the Jaguars attack in free agency?

I think the Jaguars will look to target three main areas right away. First and foremost, defensive end, specifically the LEO position. While the Jaguars have Jason Babin, Andre Branch and Ryan Davis on their roster, none of them appear to be an immediate answer at the position and it seems likely that Babin may not be on the roster for much longer.

Another position the Jaguars will likely address is interior offensive line, be it offensive guard or center. The latter isn't very deep on the open market, but the guard position has a handful of players who would be significant upgrades for the Jaguars roster.

Another position I think the Jaguars could target is the linebacker position, but more specifically the SAM linebacker role. This is another way to get a pass rusher on the field, even in base formations, and have another threat off the edge with a LEO on the field. There are a couple of under-the-radar type young players hitting the market because of some team's cap situations that could fit that role.