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Super Bowl 48 results: Seahawks domination Jaguars blue print

The Seahawks dominated the Broncos to win Super Bowl 48 and are the blue print the Jaguars seem to be modeling themselves after.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

The Seattle Seahawks dominated the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 48 43-8. Even that scoreline didn't display how dominant the Seahawks were in the game and it was from the first whistle to the end of the game.

It was just flat out total domination.

And it's what the Jacksonville Jaguars are building towards.

The Seahawks model is one that many teams are going to replicate, but the Jaguars are already on that road with the same methodology of building their team. With the meshing of general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll, the Seahawks had a clear plan of how to construct their roster and the labor has paid off in the form of a Super Bowl victory.

It was a team built off UDFA's, "cheap" free agents who fit their scheme and targeted drafting. It's similar to how the Jaguars are approaching things, all the way down to the relationship head coach Gus Bradley has with general manager Dave Caldwell. You can already see the similarities, but hopefully it will pay off with the same glory as Seattle.