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NFL teams that have never won the Super Bowl: Jaguars among 13

In what was the most lopsided Super Bowl victory since 1993, the Seattle Seahawks are the current NFL champions, meaning there are now only 13 teams in the league that haven't won a Super Bowl yet. The Jacksonville Jaguars, without ever even making it past the AFC Championship, are one of those teams.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never won a Super Bowl. It tears us up inside (especially with the revelations that came out last week about Titans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams "stealing" our playbook prior to the 1999 AFC Championship) but one team can wash away the stink of belonging to this list on Sunday night -- the Atlanta Falcons.

That's right, the Falcons, who are going to their second Super Bowl, have never won the big game. The New England Patriots are going to the eleventeenth Super Bowl so they're nowhere near this list.

In total 13 teams have never won. There's nine teams who have gone and come away losers. The Arizona CardinalsSan Diego Chargers, and Tennessee Titans have each lost a single Super Bowl, while the Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, and Philadelphia Eagles are 0-for-2. The Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills, who have both been to four Super Bowls, have come away with zero championships.

And then there's four franchises -- the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars -- who have never been to the Super Bowl. Cleveland has lost three AFC Championship appearances, Jacksonville two, Detroit one, and Houston has never made it past the AFC Divisional round.

Add everything up, and you're left with a very unlucky 13 franchises that have never won the Super Bowl.