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Who is the greatest player in Jaguars history?

The Jaguars have a short history, but there can still be some debate on who the best player ever for the franchise has been.


The Jacksonville Jaguars will be celebrating their 20-year anniversary for the 2014 season, which means they're a relatively young franchise. Often when you see fans debate the best player in franchise history, they have decades of players to choose from.

Jaguars fans however only have 19 seasons to pick from.

In my opinion, the best player to ever play for the Jaguars was running back Fred Taylor. He was often unheralded around the league and even bad mouthed locally because of some major and unfortunate injuries, but you cannot argue with his overall production.

Taylor ended his Jaguars career with 11,271 rushing yards and 66 touchdowns. He averaged 4.6 yards per carry and just over 80 yards per game, which are both astonishing marks.

Who do you think was the best player in franchise history?