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Who was the worst draft pick in Jaguars history?

There have been several bad draft picks in Jaguars history, but which was the worst?

Sam Greenwood

The 19 year history of the Jaguars has been littered with some terrible draft picks, so narrowing this down to just the one pick that I thought was the worst was tough.

In the end I settled on Derrick Harvey based on a few different things. First, Harvey was a top-10 selection expected to be a premier edge rusher on the Jaguars defense for years to come. Second, I considered cost, which the Jaguars gave up two third-round picks and a fourth-round pick to jump from the 26th pick all the way up to eight in order to draft him.

Remember the Jaguars were a playoff team in 2007, and they took a big swing to fill their biggest need in the 2008 draft and missed badly. This pick was really the first in a line of decisions that set the Jaguars franchise back tremendously. Harvey played three seasons in Jacksonville and only managed to net eight sacks, while costing the team $17.1 million in guaranteed money.

We will always have this though.

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Who do you think was the worst draft pick in Jaguars history?