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Jacksonville Jaguars new scoreboard live stream

The Jacksonville Jaguars have launched a live cam to watch their new scoreboard construction.

The Jacksonville Jaguars started construction on their new scoreboards a few weeks ago, with plans to have it finished before the start of the 2014 NFL season. People have been asking for updates on it's progress, so the Jaguars apparently have decided to post a live-cam option of the construction.

So, if you want to watch the new scoreboards being built, you can click right here and watch it live.

The scoreboards are expected to be the biggest scoreboards in the world, at least in an outdoor stadium. When they are completed it should help the Jaguars increase their local revenue with the selling of ads and such.

Included in the scoreboard renovations are also new signage along the upper deck of the stadium as well as renovating the endzones, which includes the infamous "water features", aka pools, in the north end zone.

Construction is expected to be finished sometime in June, but you can watch it all unfold live if you want.