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Dekoda Watson: He has all the tools

Dekoda Watson seems to have all of the abilities that the Jacksonville Jaguars' coaching staff and front office look for.

J. Meric

When the Dekoda Watson signing was announced, I remembered reading Bruce Feldman's article on Workout Warriors where Dekoda describes himself as having "abs to my throat almost."  Diabolical.

The explosion that Dekoda possess was also noted by former Florida State standout Myron Rolle. Rolle said of Watson, "He is extremely explosivecan jump out of the gym, and he is very strong. He has the best takeoff on the team, which is why he blocks punts so easily. If he stays healthy, I believe he will test incredibly well when he comes out next year."

But where did that ability go the last few years in Tampa?

The raw ability was still there; it just wasn't put in the right situations.

Watch the vine below.

Here you can see that Dekoda still has that explosive step off the ball. He comes all the way across the formation and properly reads the run play. He doesn't run directly at Zac Stacy but instead runs to the spot where Stacy will be...instinctively. Not only does Dekoda get to the spot but he also causes the fumble.

Watson will primarily be seen as a pass rusher but he also has the ability to drop in coverage. Watch how he baits Drew Brees.

Watson takes a small step in to the running back that is coming out of the back field and then reads Drew Brees' eyes and steps back in the passing lane and makes the interception.

Is Dekoda Watson a polished football player? No. There is a reason why he didn't get many snaps last year, but in the right system, Watson could be a big play maker. I believe the Jaguars' system will help him reach his full potential.

Gus Bradley's defense will be injected with a linebacker that ran a 4.55 40 and has a 40 inch vertical leap. It has been a good while since Jacksonville has had a toy with that kind of explosion.