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Podcast number 3

Dont forget the Big Cat Country podcast starts at 1pm eastern. Not sharp. Could be sharp though. Hard to say at this point.

If there is anything that you want Alfie and me to discuss during today's podcast, let us know.

Here's a couple things that we wont be talking about:

1. Is this the year that Blaine Gabbert finally puts it together and takes a big step forward in Jacksonville?

2. Will MJD's hold out go into camp?

3. Have any of the beat writers gotten drunk at the beach?

4. Who do you like more at number 2, Ziggy, Dion Jordan, or Geno Smith?

5. Is the new helmet going to be flat black?

6. Is Alan Ball just a camp body?

Anything besides those topics are fair game. Also, is kale disgusting? More coming up at 1.

The link will be posted on twitter right before we go live, but I will also post it here so that you twitterless squids can get up-to-date information as well. Follow Alfie at @alfiebcc and me at @unclechaps.

Click here to listen live at 1pm Eastern.