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Jaguars Monday Night Football in 2014 report in error, refuted by team

It was originally reported the Jaguars would host a Monday Night Football game in 2014, but the reporter for the original report and the team have now noted this is not accurate.

Update: The Jaguars say that owner Shad Khan never mentioned the possibility of a Monday Night Football game during his media session on Tuesday.

It appears at Kouvaris either misheard Jaguars owner Shad Khan or the message in relaying what to tweet to his assistant was misunderstood, but the Jaguars will not be hosting a Monday Night game in 2014, at least not to our knowledge at this point. The 2014 schedule has not yet been released.

Story has been updated further to correct confusion, since a local radio station was reporting on-air that Big Cat Country was reporting a Monday Night game for the Jaguars was in the cards. For the record, Big Cat Country never reported that a Monday Night game was on the schedule, but relaying that Kouvaris had reported as such, which has now been withdrawn as an error.

- Alfie Crow, managing editor

--Original post below--

The Jacksonville Jaguars will host a Monday Night Football game for the first time since the 2011 season, according to Sam Kouvaris of WJXT in Jacksonville.

In a conversation with Shad Khan, the Jaguars owner revealed to Kouvaris that construction is underway on a new yacht for the multi-billionaire and he hopes it will be finished in time for a Monday Night Football game early in the year. While Kouvaris originally reported that it would be for a game against the Dallas Cowboys, he later corrected himself and said that the no opponent exists yet for the reported Monday night game in Jacksonville.

The 2014 schedule has not yet been released, and likely will be in April, but a Week 10 matchup against the Cowboys in London on Sunday, Nov. 9 has already been announced. That rules out the Cowboys as a potential Monday night candidate, leaving the Texans, Titans, Colts, Dolphins, Giants, Steelers and Browns as possibilities.

In the last Monday Night Football game at Everbank Field, the Jaguars played host to the San Diego Chargers and lost 38-14.

Khan told reporters that his new yacht will also be named Kismet, and will be bigger than its predecessor. He reportedly sold the first Kismet in December 2013 for over $100 million.