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Big Cat Country Podcast

Starting this Monday at 1 p.m eastern time, Alfie and I will be knocking your socks and boots straight off with a weekly podcast.

Brendon Thorne

Settle down. Don't throw your computer. Sure, there is no doubt that it will be the most electric podcast on the internet. That fact is a given. But, we wont just be talking about football. We will be talking about what we have been barbecuing, the kinds of beers that we have been drinking, and how I hated Alfie's recommendation to watch Battlestar Galactica so much that it gave me lice.

If there is anything specific you want us to go over, let us know. If not, I will be forced to rap portions of my favorite rap songs from the early 2000s and possibly even the mid-1990s.

So, while you tussle with yourself over possible subjects for us to discuss, sit back and press play. Let Do or Die wash over you.

Do Or Die Po Pimp (via i860boye1)