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2014 NFL Draft: Jaguars ideal Draft Day scenario

Many people have their own version of what an ideal draft day scenario for the Jacksonville Jaguars is, but there is one specific scenario that seems to be the best option.

Joe Robbins

The argument over who the Jacksonville Jaguars should pick at No. 3 overall in the 2014 NFL Draft has been done ad nauseam. There's only a handful of options at the pick and nearly all of them are contingent on who is drafted by the Houston Texans and St. Louis Rams with the first and second overall pick, respectively.

There is one scenario however that would appear to be the ideal draft day for the Jaguars.

The Houston Texans drafting Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles No. 1 overall.

If the Texans take Bortles with the first overall pick it guarantees a few things. For one, it guarantees that the Jaguars will not have to face both JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney twice a year. It also takes a quarterback off the board that I believe the Jaguars don't have too much interest in, at least with the third overall pick, anyway.

Next, it guarantees that either Clowney or Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will be available with the third overall pick, who are likely going to be the top two players on the Jaguars board based on what I have been able to gather.

With Bortles off the table to the Texans, no matter who the Rams pick or whoever they trade with if they decide to move back, the Jaguars will very likely end up with either Clowney or Bridgewater.

Now, if they do not like Bridgewater (but everyone I've talked to seems to think they do) then Clowney and Sammy Watkins, or Khalil Mack, or whoever will be available.

Essentially: I don't think the Jaguars are very high on Blake Bortles and him off the board No. 1 overall won't affect the Jaguars board much, if at all, likely ensuring they get their top guy.