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Faded Glory and Print: The Chad Henne Need

It's cold, and we have homework due.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, it was a blistering morning in Maryland, and I had just realized that I had gotten my own blood on my acid-washed jean jacket. This jacket was flat out solid. Was it electrifying? No. Was it something that brought the ladies to the yard? No. Did it allow me to be the line leader all day everyday? For sure not. It had sleeves, an insulated chest, a hood. It was just what I needed at the time.

I always had my eye on that Florida State Starter Jacket though. Beautiful. Puffy. Garnet. Gold. Transcendent to say the least.Can we be honest with each other for a minute? Cursive sucks. It's really hard to write beautifully. When I was a young stud, my cursive looked like it was drawn by an unattended water hose. Did I want the ability to draw and write beautifully? Sure. But cursive is hard as shit.

So is playing quarterback.

You think Dave Caldwell doesn't want to have a beautiful starter jacket and the finest cursive known to man? Of course he does. But, he has homework assignments due and it's chilly outside so he needs a jean jacket and print right now.

It's what we've had the last few years and that has been rough, but don't think for a second that Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley are going to miss out on the early Memorial Day Sale coming up in May. (Plus he will get better at cursive too, I guess. Gotta make this analogy work on all levels.)

Rest easy, my nieces and nephews. We outchea shopping for starter jackets. Faded Glory wont be around much longer. We will keep in the closet for two years, though. No harm in that.